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Winners Find a Way

Sep 16, 2022

Having a trustworthy partner that will help you achieve your goal is great. Two heads are better than one, as people say. This is evident with our guests, Guy Remond and Dave Zumpano. 


Welcome to Coach Trent Clark's podcast Winner's Find A Way. Let us hear the inspiring story of Guy and Dave, on how they established an excellent company, the challenges they encountered along the way, and how they dealt with them.



3:47 - How did their partnership develop?

18:56 - Influences that made them become entrepreneurs.

31:54 - How they dealt with the challenges presented to them.



-"Put your head down, work hard… give people more than they expect."


-"You can't want something without being willing to put your head out first."


About the Guests:


Guy Remond, a Non-Executive Director, Investor & Entrepreneur, is an experienced individual with over 20 years in the tech, software & consulting/advisory industries as a founder, director, investor and advisor.


Dave Zumpano is the founder of The Estate Planning Law Center, a "model firm" for estate planning law firms nationwide. He was published in 1994 for his expertise on Medicaid Planning. In 2015, Dave authored Protect Your IRA, Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes, a contributory book offering for Estate planning attorneys. In 2001 Dave founded Medicaid Practice Systems, LLC which taught estate planning and elder law attorneys how to add Medicaid planning to their practice. In 2012, Dave transformed MPS into Lawyers with Purpose, LLC where he continues to lead lawyers in Estate Planning, Elder Law and Asset Protection.


The power of collaboration: Dave, an attorney from New York and founder of a national legal organization for Estate Planning attorneys met Guy, a tech entrepreneur, in the fall of 2019. Dave and Guy started a collaboration as Covid spread throughout the world and virtually built a company and a product that has been released and has been transforming the Estate Planning legal industry. 


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